Kursus Sketch-Up (Asas & Pertengahan)

This course prepares the student to make drawings in SketchUp to aid in the design and presentation. If you want to learn how to produce quick renderings in SketchUp, this is your course!


Basic computer skills are assumed. You should be comfortable with Windows, keyboard and mouse commands. It is helpful if you have worked with some kind of 2D or 3D CAD system before, such as DesignCAD, TurboCAD, AutoCAD or SolidWorks.


 The emphasis will be on hands-on activities throughout. We will begin working together in SketchUp right away.

Course Objectives

  • At the completion of the course, you will be able to:
  • Familiar with Google interface and tools.
  • Able to draw object using various tools
  • Rander the finish objects for presentation or animation


1.0 Getting Started – The SketchUp User Interface
Interface Settings
Interface Toolbars
3D Navigation
Scene and Object Selection
Scene and Object Modification

2.0 2D Drawing Tools
Line Tools
Arc Tools
Freehand Tool
Rectangle Tool
Circle Tool
Polygon Tool

3.0 Construction Tools for 3D Modeling
Measurement of Objects
Angular Measurements and Guides
Axes Tool
Object Dimensioning
Text Tool
3D Text
3D Cross Sections

4.0 Modification Tools for 3D Modeling
Move, Copy and Linear Arrays
Rotate, Copy and Rotational Arrays
Scaling and Resizing
Offsetting Lines and faces
Extruding and Subtracting
Path Extrusions

5.0 Model Presentation (Material, Styles & Scenes)
Paint Bucket Tool
Creating Materials
Repositioning Materials
Style Browser
Editing Styles
Lighting and Shadows
Adding Scenes and Creating Animations

6.0 Components , Groups and Layers
Understanding and Creating Components
Inserting Components
Editing Components
Creating Groups
The Google 3D Warehouse
Importing and Exporting (Including AutoCad Drawings)